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Kentucky Women Emerge...

This weekend I had the honor of officially becoming a part of the Emerge Kentucky Class of 2022. For those of you who are not familiar, Emerge is national candidate training program specifically designed to get Democratic women elected to public office. This is the 13th Emerge Kentucky Class and notable Emerge Kentucky alumnae include Lt. Governor Jacqueline Coleman, Representative Attica Scott and State Senator Dr. Karen Berg just to name a few. Emerge Kentucky's mission statement is "We inspire women to run, we hone their skills to win." And I have to say, the program is already living up to that value proposition.

As we sat in our training sessions on Friday and Saturday, I reflected on how incredible it is be a part of program with successful alumnae, but how inspiring my fellow classmates already are on their own. Everyone shared their backgrounds and experiences that lead us to Emerge, but what struck me was the commonality of our purpose. These women, myself included, are making an investment in ourselves to make a big impact on our beloved communities across Kentucky.

I left the IBEW Local 369 union hall Saturday evening awed and inspired by the women I met and HOPEFUL, not only for my campaign, but more importantly, for the future of Kentucky.

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